DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil

DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil 1.3

An add-on for the classic 3D shooter game
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Control the nameless Marine surviving the demon invasion on Mars once again. Explore previously unknown locations, find the beacon and solve the mystery of the ancient civilization. Adds six new demons and a new 8-player capture the flag arena multiplayer mode.

Resurrection of Evil is located about two years after the terrible catastrophe of the original game. The Union Aerospace Corporation, as always searching profits, has established a new base to continue the study of a Martian civilization uncovered by the original science team. While performing an exploratory mission, the main character, who turns to be a different marine than the one in Doom 3--unfortunately picks up an evil artifact that opens another portal to hell leading to the deaths of almost everyone on the base, and liberating a new wave of demons, led by the demonic Dr. Betruger. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth McNeil you will have to make your way through terrible sets of enemies as you try to get into hell to leave the artifact there, so as to erase the threat of invasion forever. Given that this is an expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil gameplay is almost exactly like the original Doom 3. The game is extremely dark, and the flow of the action is similar to that of Doom 3, that is, you enter a new area, clear it of enemies, and look for a key item or security upgrade that will let you meet your objective and move on to the next area. In general, this expansion meets all the fans' unsatisfied ludic needs the original version could not cover.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Great graphics
  • Good multiplayer additions


  • Can be completed in just a few hours
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